The Hanging Stars - The Dolphins/ Apples of Red (Digi only) Released exclusively through Bandcamp March 5th 2021.

After an exclusive invitation by Edwyn Collins to use his Clashnarrow studio far and high up on the Scottish east coast, The Hanging Stars started their yet to be named 4th record in September ’20.
Driving up in a caravan in one tier or another that now feels like a galaxy away, they set to work.

Inspired by the dramatic scenery, with half a dozen tracks completed and thirty minutes spare before having to head home again, producer Sean Read (Dexys Midnight Runners, The Rockingbirds, Edwyn Collins) set up five microphones and The Hanging Stars cut the band favourite “The Dolphins” written by the legendary Fred Neil, live, in one take.

Adding all the harmony ridden, ethereal, celestial steel and chime they could muster up on the very spot.

The result is a never before heard take on this wistful call for and for memories past & future.

For the ‘B’ side, the band dug deep in their archives and happily uncovered the flute-lead psychedelic folk jam ‘Apples of Red’ recorded with Jimmy Robertson (Depeche Mode, Last Shadow Puppets) in 2016.

Released exclusively through Bandcamp on March 5th the single is released with the hope that we can get closer in a future that feels further and further away.


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